Fuel Your Day with Lasting Energy†

ViSalus PRO®

ViSalus PRO® is a patent-pending drink mix that combines a powerful blend of natural plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients to support stamina, endurance, energy and muscle recovery.



  • Powerful and Unique Blend of Ingredients
    PRO uses a triple-action blend of extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • No Added Sugar
    PRO uses a non-insulin-spiking sweetener, Isomaltulose, in combination with small amounts of Stevia and Talin. The result is a great-tasting powdered drink mix that provides just 41 calories per serving.
  • No Extra Sodium
    Each serving contains just 10 mg of sodium, which is less than 1% of the recommended daily intake (RDI).
  • No Empty Calories
    PRO is formulated to provide lasting, quality energy and can be used in conjunction with any fitness or weight-management Challenge.†
  • Gluten-Free
    Each serving of PRO is gluten-free to help support a variety of nutrition lifestyles.
  • Lactose-Free
    Each serving of PRO is lactose-free for those concerned with their lactose intake.


  • Apple Extract —helps fight exercise fatigue †
  • Resveratrol —a powerful antioxidant †
  • Citrulline Malate —supports Nitric Oxide production, supporting vascular health and blood flow †
  • Isomaltulose —a non-insulin spiking sweetener, helps support muscle energy and improved fat oxidation during physical activity †
  • D-Ribose —for energy support †
  • Eleuthero Extract (Ginseng) —supports stamina and the immune system †
  • Rhodiola Extract —used by Russian Olympic athletes for over 30 years, supports stamina, endurance and energy †
  • Powergrape® —a clinically tested and patented form of grape seed extract, supports vision health, muscle energy and active lifestyles †
  • 8 Essential Vitamins — boost metabolism and help maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range †

What is it?

A patent-pending powdered energy drink mix that is formulated with special nutrients for athletes and people who want healthy, 'PRO'-fessional quality energy.


ViSalus PRO is a powerful blend of natural plant extracts and vitamins formulated to support stamina, muscle recovery and endurance. This unique formula contains concentrated ingredients including Powergrape®, a clinically tested and patented extract, combined with plant extracts, vitamins and other nutrients to support performance, benefiting your workout and everyday activity by providing an energy lift that lasts. †

1. What is ViSalus PRO®?

ViSalus PRO is a patent-pending powdered drink mix formulated to provide lasting, quality energy. The special blend supports stamina, endurance and muscle energy. †

2. How does ViSalus PRO measure up against other energy brands?

Most energy brands use high levels of caffeine, sugar and taurine that can leave you feeling jacked up. ViSalus PRO uses a triple-action blend of extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to not only support athletic energy and endurance, but also to deliver energy throughout your day. †

3. How do the ingredients in ViSalus PRO translate into performance?

To name just a few: Powergrape® (a patented and clinically tested Whole Grape Extract) supports cell uptake of oxygen to help support performance; Citrulline Malate (an amino acid found in watermelon juice) helps support ATP production and Nitric Oxide in the body to support vascular health and circulation; and Eleuthero Extract (Siberian ginseng) supports stamina and the immune system. †

4. Is ViSalus PRO appropriate for athletes?

Absolutely. ViSalus PRO contains no ingredients on the Olympic banned substances list.

5. What is the recommended daily dose?

Mix into 8–16 ounces of water or any beverage, hot or cold. You may consume 1–4 servings per day. 6. Why is there caffeine in ViSalus PRO? Caffeine is known to help stimulate the brain and body. Though there is no nutritional need for caffeine, moderate caffeine intake is not associated with any known health risks and has been shown helpful in many clinical studies. †

7. Is this product gluten-free?

Yes, PRO is gluten-free.

8. Is this product lactose-free?

Yes, PRO is lactose-free.

9. Who should use ViSalus PRO®?

This product is for adults—from serious athletes to everyday people concerned about health and fitness—who want a lasting source of energy to support an active lifestyle. † Not recommended for children, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine.

10. What is the difference between ViSalus PRO and ViSalus NEURO®?

ViSalus PRO is a unique powdered energy drink mix that supports athletic performance and an energy lifts that lasts. It is available in a Passionfruit flavor and is recommended for use before or during your workouts or anytime throughout your day. NEURO is a powdered energy drink mix formulated to support your body and brain with healthy energy, supporting mental alertness and acuity and includes less than half the amount of caffeine when compared to PRO. Additionally, NEURO comes in lemon and raspberry flavors. †

11. What is the difference between ViSalus PRO and ViSalus GO®?

ViSalus GO is a liquid energy shot for an instant boost whenever you need it. Additionally, it provides twice the amount of the Powergrape® extract to support performance energy and to enhance visual acuity. ViSalus PRO is a powdered drink mix that provides long lasting energy. It contains twice the amount of Isomaltulose and includes Ginseng, D-Ribose and Apple Extract to support muscle energy and mental focus, help ATP production, and to help fight physical fatigue. The two products—which share some common ingredients and benefits—were designed to be used together. We recommend using ViSalus PRO 30–60 minutes before your workout and ViSalus GO during your workout for an added performance boost. You can also try ViSalus NEURO after your workout to fuel your body with special nutrients and hydration. †

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