Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins

Mix It Up!

Give your Vi-Shape® Shake a burst of flavor and a nutritional boost with a Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-In. It's available in five delicious varieties: Strawberry, Banana, Orange, Chocolate and Peach. Strawberry Phyto-Power – has phytonutrients from a unique and delicious berry blend. Phytonutrients offer antioxidant support, which help protect your cells from free radical damage caused by pollution, stress and other environmental factors. Banana Energy Charge – has Guarana, Green Tea, Ginseng and other ingredients to help support stamina.† Orange Everyday Defense – supports your immune system with mushroom and melon extracts, along with Zinc.†



    Each Mix-In has only 10 calories or less per serving.
    Each flavor is low in cholesterol to support a heart-healthy diet
    Each serving is low-fat, so you can stick to your weight-loss goals.
    With 1 - 3 g of carbs per serving depending on the flavor, the Mix-Ins support a low-carb lifestyle.
    Lactose is a sugar found in milk that many people find difficult to digest, and sometimes experience digestive discomfort as a result. The Mix-Ins support a lactose-free lifestyle.


What are they?

A patent-pending way to customize your Vi-Shape Shake Mix, or other foods with flavor and added nutrition.

What do they do?

Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-Ins provide variety and additional health benefits to any food or beverage, including the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. Added benefits include important things like phytonutrient protection, lasting energy, healthy skin and joints, daily immune support and heart health. They can even be combined to create new flavor options and provide multiple health benefits (banana/chocolate, strawberry/orange) or used with cereal, milk and other favorite everyday foods. Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-Ins are a great way to put added nutrition into the foods your family eats.


Experience 5 Flavorful Mix-Ins Fully Loaded with Vitamins and Goodness:


Phytonutrients are the active and powerful part of fruits and vegetables. Each packet has the equivalent of 50 strawberries' worth of phytonutrients naturally charged to help protect your health. Includes cranberry, raspberry and other health-supporting nutrients in a delicious strawberry flavor. †


Tastes like a fresh banana, only this product includes Guarana, Green Tea, Ginseng and Cordyceps to support energy and stamina. † Contains 75 mg of caffeine from Guarana harvested from the Amazon rainforest, the equivalent of 2/3 of a cup of coffee.


Supports your immune system when taken daily with ingredients like Astragalus Extract, Turkey Tail (a mushroom extract), GliSODin®, a patented and clinically tested melon extract, and OptiZinc®, a unique, patented and clinically tested zinc useful for supporting the body's normal detoxification process and immune support. †


Promotes healthy, vibrant skin with Glucosamine Sulfate, Collagen and Biotin to support both skin and joint health. †


Features a concentrated blend of heart-healthy polyphenols equal to 6–8 bars of dark chocolate. Polyphenols are great support for a healthy heart.

1. Why use a Shape-Up™ Health flavor Mix-In ?

The Shake Mix That Tastes Like A Cake Mix ™ is already fabulous on its own. And with the Health Flavor Mix-Ins, we've given you the option to make your own unique shake more fantastic, without a commitment to buying additional shake bags that would jam your kitchen cupboards until you are ready for a new flavor. Oh, and did we tell you that they taste amazing? Each packet provides not just great flavor, but it also provides added health benefits to help improve your overall well-being.

2. What are the benefits of the health flavors?

Our scientists got to work and not only did they create the most innovative product for the ViSalus® community, but keeping in line with our mission of creating healthy products, each patent-pending Health Flavor packet provides unique health benefits. †
• Strawberry Phtyo-Power —made with a powerful fruit antioxidant blend of strawberry, blueberry, cherry, orange, raspberry and grape seed, each packet has about 50 strawberries' worth of phytonutrients! Phytonutrients, once known as vitamin P, have many health-protective benefits. †
• Banana Energy Charge † —tastes like a fresh banana, only this banana is loaded with g uarana, g reen t ea, g inseng and Cordyceps to support energy and stamina. Each packet has 75 mg of caffeine from guarana (about equal to that in a 2/3 cup of coffee) for a gentle lift that lasts. †
• Orange Everyday Defense † —daily support for your immune system with ingredients like Astragalus Extract, t urkey t ail (a mushroom), g liSODin® (a patented and clinically tested melon extract) and OptiZinc® (a patented and clinically tested form of zinc for immune support). †
• Peach Complexion Care † —supports healthy, vibrant skin and joints with glucosamine, collagen and type II biotin. †
• Chocolate Cardia Care † —features a concentrated blend of heart-healthy polyphenols equal to 6–8 bars of dark chocolate. Polyphenols have many health- promoting benefits. †

Are Shape-Up™ Health flavor Mix-Ins just for Vi-Shape® Shakes?

Not at all. You'll be surprised how well they can complement your everyday menu—from a glass of milk to ice cream, yogurt, cereal, pudding—even mix them into pancake batter! t ip: t ry a ViSalus® favorite and blend the Peach Complexion Care flavor with your iced tea for a refreshing, fruity drink, or blend the Strawberry Phyto-Power flavor in ViSalus N E ur O ®, ViSalus g O® or ViSalus P r O®.

4. Who should use the Mix-Ins?

Anyone concerned about health and well-being. t hese products can benefit anyone, from children to adults. Please note, however: t he Banana Energy Charge Health Flavor does contain 75 mg of caffeine (about equal to that in a 2/3 cup of coffee) per packet, so it is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or people sensitive to caffeine. †

5. What are the flavors?

there are 5 available flavors for your enjoyment. Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Peach and Orange. try one of these combinations: Like fruity cereal? use the Strawberry and Orange together. Chocolate and Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana, Strawberry and Banana, Peach and Orange...the combinations are amazing

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